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What Does an SEO Manager Do for Your Company?

What Does an SEO Manager Do for Your Company?

Last updated: 2022-07-11

Understanding SEO (search engine optimisation) is a valuable skill to possess. However, SEO is one of the broadest marketing disciplines in the industry. It is entangled with other factors, including marketing strategies, products, and development.

The role of SEO differs from one company to another. But generally, the role of SEO managers is to ensure that everything is running well and in line with the marketing strategy and company goals.

This article explains what an SEO manager does, but first, let's start by explaining who an SEO manager is. 

Who is an SEO Manager?

This is a search marketing professional in charge of implementing and designing an SEO strategy for a business. The manager could be employed at a marketing agency or as part of an in-house marketing team.  

SEO managers are active in SEO activities at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. For example, they carry out market research, keyword research, competition analysis, and other tasks to assist a company in developing a strategic SEO plan.

While working closely with clients to make sure that marketing operations are in line with corporate goals, SEO managers may be in charge of overseeing a group of SEO specialists, providing guidance and coaching, and assigning tasks.

What Does an SEO Manager Do?

Let's now explore what an SEO manager's normal day will entail. As already mentioned, managing a company's SEO requires a wide range of diverse tasks. They include:

1. Content Strategy

A content plan is created and implemented by SEO managers. A digital marketing strategy called content marketing strives to produce and disseminate content that is informative, practical, and ultimately beneficial to potential customers. 

A company that uses effective types of content marketing is positioned as a reliable authority within a certain sector or market.

SEO managers participate in developing content strategies and may also spend time authoring content themselves or writing content briefs for a staff writer.

2. Data Analysis

SEO managers analyse online traffic data from resources like Google Analytics to identify which websites or search terms bring in the most visitors, leads, and sales for their clients.

This analysis will allow them to determine their approach's success in achieving the company's goals. Some of the crucial data reviewed include:

 - Top performing pages

 - Number of ranking keywords

 - Average rankings

 - Overall traffic

 - Organic conversion rate

3. Managing the SEO team

SEO managers oversee a group of SEO experts who carry out the various responsibilities needed to implement an SEO strategy.

Both content writers and SEO experts may fall under this category. If the site needs technical changes, it may also include developers.

Each team member will be given a particular assignment, and the SEO manager will track their development to ensure everything is running well.

4. Meetings with Clients

On top of their daily tasks, they hold regular meetings with client accounts. These meetings review strategy, establish priorities and ensure that their marketing initiatives align with the client's corporate goals.

Both regular meetings and email communication may be included in this.

In addition, SEO managers regularly meet with their staff to ensure all projects are moving along as planned and producing the desired outcomes.

5. On-Page & Technical SEO

SEO managers are responsible for boosting website traffic using on-page and technical SEO. On-page SEO involves optimising individual web pages for a particular keyword to increase search traffic from searches that contain that phrase. 

Technical SEO analyses and improves a website's technical implementation to make it more user-friendly for people and machines, particularly search engine crawlers.

Some of the technical elements an SEO manager can work on include:

 - Site speed

 - Making sites mobile-friendly

 - Fixing broken links

 - Checking for duplicate content

6. Keyword Research

An SEO manager does keyword research to determine which keywords the business should target with SEO content, whether they are working on SEO for their own company or a client company. 

This process will involve the use of several third-party programs. These tools offer data on monthly keyword search volume and the difficulty of ranking for various keywords.

An SEO manager will analyse the existing ranking competition during keyword research to better understand the search intent for a keyword. This will clarify what kind of content Google prefers to rank for that search keyword.

What are the skills of an SEO manager?

Most job descriptions for SEO managers mention these skills, and our SEO specialists use them daily to deliver real results in search marketing. We've compiled a list of the necessary skills you'll need to master if you're considering a career as an SEO manager. 

1. Communication Skills

To be successful, SEO managers must be effective communicators. They can do their work more successfully if they can communicate with clients and the personnel they supervise.

2. Management Skills

It may be crucial for SEO managers to possess strong managerial abilities because they are in charge of a digital marketing team. If you want a job as an SEO manager, take some online lessons or attend seminars that teach people how to manage staff members efficiently.

3. Adaptability

SEO managers need to be adaptable and prepared to follow any new trends. SEO is constantly changing as Google updates its algorithm and rivals modify their SEO tactics.

4. Analytical Thinking

The position of SEO manager requires extensive analytical skills. To identify areas where SEO strategy needs to be improved, an SEO manager must be able to analyse data and reports.

5. Problem Solving

The online environment in which SEO managers operate is always changing, so being able to respond quickly to any unanticipated issues is a key ability. 

Possessing problem-solving abilities may enable the manager to better assist the staff they supervise and solve their tasks easily.

6. Technical expertise

Professionals in SEO mainly rely on software and other tools to carry out their work effectively.

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and Screaming Frog are some of the tools SEO managers should use and be familiar with.

SEO managers must also have a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS to make site updates. HTML and CSS specify the format, style, and organisation of material on a web page.

Simple coding modifications to a website can be made without a developer's help by SEO managers who are familiar with HTML and CSS.

7. Editing

SEO managers invest a lot of time in generating and editing content for digital publications. Therefore, having and improving their editing skills can be an excellent way to boost workflow. 

Knowledge of editing is important because as much as SEO managers create their content, they also edit the content their team produces.

8. Project management

SEO managers must simultaneously plan and manage several projects. To keep things organised and on schedule, an SEO manager needs effective project management skills and to use appropriate project management software.


Through the creation and execution of successful SEO strategies, SEO managers assist businesses in reaching out to more clients.

For a manager to be successful, they must possess a wide range of abilities, from conducting keyword research to organising client meetings.

Although managing SEO can appear to be a cyclical process that involves developing a plan, analysing the outcomes, and then rebuilding the plan once more, it is also very strategic. 

Even without formal education or prior SEO expertise, you can still become an SEO manager despite the position's considerable complexities.

Start honing your SEO abilities, get certified, and look for an entry-level SEO job. The experience you need to be a strong candidate for an SEO manager role will come with time.

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