Terms of Service

To access and use the Services, you must register for an account (“Account”). To complete your Account registration, you must provide us with your full legal name, business address, phone number, a valid email address, and any other information indicated as required. We may reject your application for an Account, or cancel an existing Account, for any reason, at our sole discretion.

You must be the older of: (i) 18 years, or (ii) at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside and from which you use the Services to open an Account.

You confirm that you are receiving any Services provided by us for the purposes of carrying on a business activity and not for any personal, household or family purpose.

You acknowledge that we will use the email address you provide on opening an Account or as updated by you from time to time as the primary method for communication with you (“Primary Email Address”). You must monitor the Primary Email Address you provide to us and your Primary Email Address must be capable of both sending and receiving messages. Your email communications with us can only be authenticated if they come from your Primary Email Address.

You are responsible for keeping your password secure. We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage from your failure to maintain the security of your Account and password. We may request additional security measures at any time and reserve the right to adjust these requirements at our discretion.

Technical support in respect of the Services is only provided to our Users. Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to our Support.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Services, or access to the Services without the express written permission by us.

You agree not to work around, bypass, or circumvent any of the technical limitations of the Services, including to process orders outside Checkout, use any tool to enable features or functionalities that are otherwise disabled in the Services, or decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer the Services.

You agree not to access the Services or monitor any material or information from the Services using any robot, spider, scraper, or other automated means.

You understand that your Materials may be transferred unencrypted and involve (a) transmissions over various networks; and (b) changes to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. “Materials” means Your Trademarks, copyright content, any products or services you sell through the Services (including description and price), and any photos, images, videos, graphics, written content, audio files, code, information, or other data provided or made available by you or your affiliates to us or its affiliates.

SEO Services by IT BOOST Australia

If you plan to cancel your SEO services, you must cancel your services 2 weeks before due dates. Amounts paid via Bank Transfer or PayPal or any other payment method will not be refunded.

Ads Services Including Google Ads or Facebook Ads

If you plan to cancel your Ads services, you must cancel your services 2 weeks before due dates. Amounts paid via Bank Transfer or PayPal or any other payment method will not be refunded.

Ads Campaigns

All campaigns that are set up for client/customer including Google Ads campaigns and Facebook campaigns are the sole property of IT BOOST Australia. After terminating the contract, IT BOOST Australia will have all full rights to cancel aforementioned campaigns. 

Website Designed by IT BOOST Australia

The websites designed and developed by IT BOOST Australia are custom made which means we do not use website builders or such platforms as Wordpress to create your website. Amounts paid via Bank Transfer or PayPal or any other payment method will not be refunded.

Termination of Service

We’re sorry to see you go. We would like to thank you for being a valuable customer at IT BOOST Australia. We know circumstances can change and we are sad to see you leave. Nevertheless, we are committed to ensuring that this transition is as easy as possible for both you and your company.

When your service with our company terminates, in order for us to provide you with complete access to your website including server access such as CPanel access, we will need to migrate your site to a new server. This process involves transferring all your website files, database, and CMS. We kindly request your patience during this transition, as it may take up to two weeks to complete. After the migration, you will receive a username and password, granting you access to all your files on the new server.

What about the remainder of your hosting?

At IT BOOST Australia we like to be fair. As such we will calculate the unused portion of your hosting and provide you with credit towards new hosting. For instance, if you paid $275 incl GST on the 6th of May and close your account on the 6th of August, you will have a credit of $206.25 incl GST for the 9 month of hosting you have not used. To apply this credit, we will set you up with a new hosting plan for one year. However, there will be a “gap” amount that needs to be settled before proceeding. In the instance mentioned above, the “gap” amounts to the 3 months of hosting that have already been utilised, totaling $68.75 incl GST. Once this amount plus migration fee are paid, we will be able to proceed with setting up your new hosting plan.

Migration fee

Migrating all your files to a new server is a huge task. We charge our customers from $198 to $550 as migration fee depending on the amount of work required.

Your Emails 

This is our customer's responsibility to make sure they have adequate backups of their email addresses very often specifically before migration. If you use mailing apps you must grab a backup very often so you won't lose any old emails for your business. If you are using gmail as a tool to send and receive emails, you should be able to access your old emails after migration. However, the new email settings might need to be updated by your new digital agency or IT provider as it will be out of the responsibility of IT BOOST Australia to update your email settings after migration.
Our Recent Web Designs (UIs)

Never miss out on our amazing web designs that are being crafted by the UI and UX team at IT BOOST Australia.