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Top 10 SEO Tools Every SEO Expert Should Know

Last updated: Dec 06, 2019

There are many online tools that can help you optimise your website for search engines and draw organic traffic to it. However, it may take time and money to come up with the best free SEO tools. Thankfully, here we collected a list of top 10 SEO tools for you. You don’t have to try them all, but you should figure out what tools work best for your needs.

1. Google Search Console

Google search console (formerly Webmaster Central) is a praiseworthy SEO tool that allows webmaster to monitor their website in search engine results (SERs) and fix indexing and security issues. It has a myriad of user-friendly tools under bonnet to assess the SEO performance of your website and find potential problems. For example, you can get the list of negative spammy links or submit a sitemap.

2. Ahrefs

Being the second-largest website crawler after Google, Ahrefs is the most recommended online SEO tool, especially for backlinks. They maintain about 1.6 trillion backlinks, covering over 200 million root domains. Ahrefs scans your website and highlights parts that require improvement and updates. This helps you to achieve better ranking in search engines. You can also employ this site to sneak into the backlinks for your competitors, deemed to be a good starting point when launching a new brand.

3. SEMRush

This Marketing and SEO tool has been praised by many SEO experts for its unique features. With SEMRush you can easily monitor your rankings as well as changes in them and capture new opportunities for better rankings. It provides in-depth analytical reports that help you better understand your website’s SEO data but even your competitors. Using the popular domain vs. domain feature you can compare your website with your competitors. This tool is also equipped with the best on-page checker that allows you to assess every page on your website and find the bottlenecks for improvement.

4. MOZ

It is a giant SEO powerhouse loved by the SEO community. The best that they always keep themselves up to date with the latest Google algorithm changes. Moz platform includes a huge amount of data, a wide range of optimization tools and more importantly, a supportive community. You will get an insightful response to your question in the blink of an eye. This online tool suggests an amazing service for keyword recommendation, site crawl or backlinks. The page optimization feature shows you exactly what steps you can make to improve the ranking of every single page on your website.

5. SpyFu

Spyfu is one of the most important players in the SEO field offering a wide selection of keyword search and management tools at an affordable price. It is best known for deep and excellent reports and robust support for advertising and content marketing. You can get competition and difficulty rank for the keywords, paid and organic keywords of your competitors, number of times every keyword searched every much with couple of clicks.

6. KWFinder

When it comes to the long-tail keywords research, KWFinder is the distinguished winner. It helps users to find long-tail keywords that are a lower level of competition. It not only shows you the information on keywords you are searching for but also puts good suggestions for the related terms on the table. The suggestions are compared based on metrics such as volume, CPC, difficulty, etc.

7. Answer The Public

Are you looking for a topic for your blog? Are you going to write an FAQ page to minimize number of service calls you receive? Use this great free tool to create content around specific keywords. Answer The Public presents a list of questions peoples frequently search about a keyword. A are you ran out of ideas for content? With the guidance of this invaluable SEO tool, you are able to come with great new ideas for your website.

8. Screaming Frog

Almost every expert complains about the speed of SEO tools. Screaming Frog solved this Issue cutting off the time required to analyze a site. It works very well for both a quick and depth audit of webpages. It comes with the SEO spider, an incredibly reliable tool to track and fix duplicate and error pages, bad redirections and issues related to content.

9. Majestic

Since its start in 2011, this Web-based SEO platform has gained the acclaim of SEO veterans for its solid and comprehensive backlink tools. Perhaps it is the largest and longest-running backlink index that is commercially available. It has many intuitive tools such as reports, visualizations or analytics that allow you to monitor the backlinks of your domain and hack your competitors’ minds.

10. DeepCrawl

It is a cloud-based website crawler that crawls your website to the deepest level possible and displays a detailed report. Users rave about its very powerful features that can be used to pinpoint and solve the technical issues preventing your website from reaching a better rank in SERPs. SEO tools are much like Spiritual mentors. They give you suggestions on what you need to do better on SERPs. Your success falls on you. Follow their suggestion to develop an SEO optimised content and will observe the improvement soon or late.

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