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7 Investment Decisions To Move the Needle with Your Digital Marketing Budget

7 Investment Decisions To Move the Needle with Your Digital Marketing Budget

Last updated: 2022-07-01

There are countless tools, platforms, and channels for growing your brand, and more of them are being rolled out every day. The issue is, how can you tell which digital marketing strategies are necessary? How can you tell which ones move the needle with your EOFY digital marketing budget resulting in more sales for your company?

It is the perfect time to take a step back to review where your company is headed. To start with, it’s not going to be any one thing. The days of relying solely on SEO, for instance, are long gone. Instead, to build a robust brand, you have to take an integrative and holistic approach, pulling together many, though probably not all, of the strategies at your disposal. There isn’t a strict one-size-fits-all approach here, but there is a basic checklist we could offer: The elements of a good, holistic marketing strategy that work.

Digital marketing services come with a cost. It can be done with a minimum capital requirement, but you will need to sink some cash into it for more effective results. See what works well with your budget and go from there. 

How IT BOOST Australia Can Help with your Digital Investment?

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1. Web Design 

When coming up with a digital marketing plan, web design is one of the first considerations in any list. A website is typically the initial point of contact for prospective clients for most businesses and brands. To effectively transmit your message, it’s only natural to choose a professional and user-friendly website design.

The brand's logo, colour, and images make your website aesthetically engaging, but it’s wise to set up the overall layout to reflect your brand's ideology. For years, the terms User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), and Information Architecture (IA) have been circulating in the marketing industry, but what do they mean?  They are all about rapid navigation, responsive design and making it easy for mobile clients to finish their purchases. 

So, when did you last assess your website from a customer’s perspective? A company often implements a website or a software solution, and they never look back. When evaluating, you may find glaring typos and broken graphics. Even the most successful programs can be tweaked.

2. SEO 

If your on-page SEO doesn’t meet the required standards, there’s a big chance that you might struggle with online visibility. This is because people searching for your products and services won't see your website on such engines as Google. 

No matter your Digital Marketing Budget, SEO will benefit you by:

 - By establishing brand awareness when focusing on SEO efforts, you should get more traffic to your website. This increases your brand awareness and encourages more people to purchase services or products. 

 - Increasing your sales through inbound leads. When people find you, they have already searched for your product or service on search engines. They are the ones who discover you, meaning you will have less work to do to close a sale. ·        

3. App Development

According to a 2017 survey, over 5 billion mobile users globally and over 270 billion mobile applications to download and play with on the internet. For most businesses, creating a mobile application is a great investment decision. It provides effective results by increasing business opportunities. 

This investment decision will help move the needle by bringing customers closer to making the buying decision. Your business’s application should be at the centre of your digital marketing strategy because it’s that crucial. 

There are several ways in which mobile applications help in moving the needle with your digital marketing budget, and they include:

 - It makes your products and business more accessible in today’s technological age

 - Increase your brand’s customer engagement and support to connect better with your target audience

 - To help customers picture you as an evolving brand interested and serious about future endeavours

 - Elevate your business to the next phase so that your company is associated with new ways and not the old ones

4. Google Ads Campaigns - Run campaigns ensuring less ad spend for more revenue

Investing in an online campaign is another great investment decision to help promote your website online and move the needle. You can do the campaign with Google Ads, an advertising tool that helps attract customers searching for businesses or products like yours. 

Google Search Ads are important for digital marketers and the company they promote because they serve adverts to customers while actively searching for a service or a product.

The data gotten from Google Analytics can assist you in developing a strategy to fit your campaign. Google Ads will also allow you to customise your ads to reach customers in particular locations or enter certain terms into a Google search.

5. Partnering with Influencers

When the social media presence is worth more than an elaborate advertising piece, the relevance of influencers has grown stronger and stronger. Stemming from the appeal influencers have to an audience, influencers have now grabbed the attention of brands and hence attracted more customers. 

Building an audience usually takes time, and converting some of the people into customers is another challenge, but this is where influencers come in. Since they already have the audience’s attention you want to reach, it makes sense to go after influencers to promote your brand.

In simple terms, an influence will help you and your brand by:

 - Generating credibility

 - Building customer loyalty

 - Increasing the sales

6. Fully Integrate your Marketing Automation

Automating marketing encompasses everything from email marketing and web personalisation to digital display advertisements. A fully integrated marketing solution will open your business up to multichannel possibilities. 

Marketing automation software minimises repetitive and time-consuming tasks and allows businesses to use more creative and high-quality strategies for their marketing department. 

Your automation process can notify the sales team when leads reach a qualifying stage. This allows the team to know exactly when to get in touch. Lastly, you can integrate an automated lead scoring process to ensure your efforts are concentrated on qualified leads.

7. Integrate New eCommerce Payment Options

Most businesses thrive nowadays from making this investment decision. They incorporate additional payment integrations, reducing shopping cart abandonments since it gives consumers greater choices.

Since inconvenience is among the main reasons most people turn to online shopping, ensuring the checkout process is as convenient, a breeze, and smooth as possible is necessary. One way to give more choices and convenience to consumers is to integrate various familiar payment methods. 

Paypal and Afterpay are payment integrations that allow customers to purchase from your website with just clicks. As a result, it makes your customer’s journey more convenient, decreasing the chance of cart abandonment.

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