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Google Ads Campaigns Management

95% of ad clicks on mobile devices go to Google Ads' campaigns. That is how big Google Ads is and no better service will give you a huge chunk of that 95% than IT BOOST Australia will. If you are advertising on Google and you are not getting results, you are probably doing it the wrong way..

A PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Team in Melbourne You Can Trust

Marketing is about the value and conventional advertising tends to provide very little of that. IT BOOST Australia is with you to add value to your business. We provide a PPC service that is worth every dollar you spend. Literally, we have fine-tuned our CPC and PPC advertising services to bring along the best outcomes for businesses in Melbourne and every other corner of the world.

With conventional advertising, you pay a contractor to create ads and publish them. If people do not see them, you still pay. If people do not engage with the adverts, you still pay. This essentially means that you are paying for a service you might not get. The story is different from the IT BOOST Australia’s PPC model. Our model will only require you to pay for a published ad if potential customers see it and engage with it. If they do not click on the ad, you will not have to spend a dime on it. Talk about value!

The best part is that you can essentially choose any ad type you would want to use. These include text, audio, visual and even a combination of all three. Although the PPC model has been mainly used for the Google search engine and related services (Google Search Network and Display Network Ads) we have also managed to transfer and get amazing results for the same model on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter. Diversity!

Advantages of Our PPC Model

Here are some more reasons to help affirm your choice:

More Traffic

With PPC/CPC ads we understand that we have to get the most clicks to be paid. This means that we have in place audience targeting practices that will and that have always reaped amazing results. Traffic is the currency in digital marketing and if you want more of that, CPC is the best “bank”. If you do rely on IT BOOST Australia for your advertising, one thing you have to worry about is attracting traffic.

Detailed Metrics

Marketing is all about numbers and you will need to know the numbers if you are going to improve them. We have the most extensive digital ads data collection system and an even better analysis system. IT BOOST Australia provide detailed metrics on all the ads you are running and this is important as you can monitor the performance of your ads in real-time. This is also important as it ensures that you are only billed for the ads that are clicked on. Accountability!

Transparency, accountability, detail, and result-orientedness is the best way to describe our PPC model. We have already alluded to the fact that the this model gives you value. All you have to do is try it out for yourself.

What We Do in a Google Ads Strategy Session

It is public news that Google Ads is one of the biggest advertisement platforms on the internet. The better news is that IT BOOST Australia are benchmark expert when it comes to Google Ads and all its tenets in digital marketing. That is why, whenever you sign up for our expert service, our first port of call is the Google Ads strategy meeting. What happens in a Google Strategy session? If you are asking this question, the answer is quite simple, MAGIC!

We have managed to construct a result-oriented system for our meetings that ensures that our meetings are concise and productive. Let us face it; no one loves marathon meetings. If you hate them, you will love our Google Ads strategy meetings.

IT BOOST Australia - Client Alignment

The first point of call in our meetings is ensuring that we align. With the client's requirements and vision. We want to know what you want. We want to know what you seek to achieve with Google Ads. Our customer is at the core of the entire operation and the metrics of our success are measured by client satisfaction. This is a key point in the Google Ads strategy session.

Market Segmentation

The Google Ads strategy session also includes market targeting. The secret to great advertising is knowing the perfect audience for your adverts. We have a highly skilled expert team, which includes statisticians and psychologists to help us target the correct audience for a product. This requires extensive research and modern tools both digital and physical. We are proud to say as IT Boost, we are well equipped for this task. If your target market in Melbourne, we will ensure that every potential customer in the Melbourne area comes across your ad. If you are not sure of your preferred target market, our team of experts will help you figure that out in next to no time.

Research and Analysis

Once we have client expectations, the technical part of the IT BOOST service begins. This includes researching and selecting relevant keywords for the ads. Advertising is science and you need the right formula to come up with a great product. Keywords are the building blocks of that formula. We have developed extensive research techniques that ensure we never miss a relevant keyword in the area we are advertising. The technical part also includes choosing the right media to get the message to the audience. Our Google Ads strategy sessions are great and the results are even better.

Where to Get Started With Digital Advertising

We have highlighted a couple of reasons why choosing us is a good idea to increase brand visibility and profitability but if you are looking to start in Google ads and Social Media ads here is a template to follow.

Have an objective goal: it is important to make sure that you have a measurable goal. That means the goal should have a metric that you can use to measure the success of the Google Ads or Social Media ads campaign.

Have a secure budget: Advertising requires financial input; you need to have money set aside to cover the full length of the project. Taking breaks in between campaigns due to financial constraints can damage the entire campaign

Have a target market: Market segmentation allows you to choose the best platform for your ads. Some ads are best suited for Google, whilst some are best suited for social media.

Hire experts: Learning the science of digital ads by experimentation can be quite costly and we do not recommend it. Expert service providers, like IT Boost, will walk you through every step of the digital advertising journey

Optimize your website: The first step in ad optimization is ensuring that your website is optimized for both SEO and user experience. People hate slow websites and this will affect the success of your entire marketing campaign

Measure everything: Analytics is everything in marketing. We have to know every metric. The number of ads, the response, and the click rate. Every metric is important. Invest in data collection and data analysis tools.

Starting in Google Ads and Social Media Ads is not easy but the above tips will get you started. The best way to get started though with Google Ads and Social Media ads is by hiring expert service providers in that field like IT BOOST Australia!

We want to help your product/service dominate Melbourne, Australia and the world using digital ads. Contact us today and let us help you conquer the market.

Google Ads Campaigns by IT BOOST Australia

What is a Google Ads Campaign?

Your ad campaign (either search campaign or display campaign) is defined as a set of ad groups for organising and offering different types of your services or products.

Search Campaigns

These types of ad campaigns are just texts that get advertised on Google search results. Being innovative and creative will help your search ads to pop out of the crowd. Our Google Ads team at IT BOOST Australia can help you with organising a high performing Google Ads search campaign for your business. Contact us today.

Display Campaigns

In these types of ads, you will be using visual elements like images to absorb the attentions of your potential customers. We can help you set up your Google Ads display campaigns in Melbourne and across Australia so people can see and engage with your ads. Contact us today.

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