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As soon as you see a McDonald's, "I'm lovin' it" pops before your eyes as the catchy four-syllable tune rings in your ear. Every time you watch one of those L'Oreal models flex their gorgeous hair colours on television, you'll be reminded that "you're worth it" towards the end of the advertisement. And yet, you're still debating the importance of hiring an agency to take care of the copywriting for your website? An agency that helps bring more organic traffic to your website and convert them into customers by capitalising on the most impressive words that communicates your services and the quality you are providing

What Does a Copywriter Do?

A copywriter paints a picture of your brand in front of your audience through their words. Just like the strategic choice of theme, colours, indoor or outdoor setting, and music help set the mood of your brand. Word choice, tonality, literary elements, and even the spacing between words can help create your brand voice. The ability of the logo, "Just do it." to convey Nike's athletic mindset should be enough to demonstrate to you the power of words. Nike's athletic mindset has the ability to transfer to the audience with every new campaign. This brings us to the second point of why you need a copywriter; consistency is key.

How to keep consistency in your content?

We want you to grow, and in an ever-expanding organisation, people will always come and go. Who will make sure the tonality of your words is consistent throughout your website handle, social media, emails, ads, and white papers? What's more? You probably won't make much of a lasting impression in your customer's head without consistency. If you've got a budget, you hire an agency and trained professionals to take care of it. But suppose you don't have the budget to hire one, then what? The first step to copywriting is constantly gaining clarity of what your brand voice should be.

Deciphering your brand voice

When you hire IT BOOST Australia as your copywriting agency. In that case, the very first thing we'd do is sit down and determine all the elements of your brand voice. The correct way to go about that is by opening yourself up to a bunch of questions about your label. You'll be surprised how little you'd thought about your brand and the new creative ideas that will flow once you do a couple of these exercises.

Determine the six elements of your brand voice

The first step to being consistent with your brand voice and image across different Audience – Who are you targeting? Is it a specific age group? Does it include one gender or more than one? Character – If your brand was a character, what would it sound like? Would they be funny, assertive, informative, or friendly? Emotion – What kind of emotion would you like to invoke when people come across your brand or label? Tone – What is the way in which you'd like to talk to your audience? (Next Exercise will help you with this) Language – What keywords or specific language will your narrow down to use as your brand voice? What USP (unique selling proposition) would you like to advertise the most through your words? Purpose – What is the greater purpose of your brand? Is it to just provide a product/service or establish a community?

Find your adjectives

This exercise is all about assigning your brand with all sorts of adjectives. There's no limit to this, but we will push you to designate at least 25. Then, narrow them down to 10, and then just 5. Imagine you're a fashion brand that would like to target young girls as their audience. Your collection is primarily beautiful dresses and cute blouses. Delicate, flowery, youthful, elegant, and quaint; may all be adjectives that'll assist you in piecing your brand voice together.

Start observing other brand voices.

The most significant way to develop your brand voice is to open your ears to how other brands, labels, and companies speak to you. How is your favourite Yoga Class creating a calming and soothing aura that's so inviting that you forget how low-key repulsive you are to any form of exercise. Notice how they voice themselves to you, from the toothpaste you pick up in the morning to brands that communicate through signboards on the highway.

Why are blogs important for your brand?

So you've discovered your brand voice, you understand roughly how to communicate with your audience, and you've started building your website from the bottom up. You describe your products through excellent brand choice and within your dedicated brand tonality; now what? Now, it's time for the long-form content. How do you impart information to your audience and embody your brand characteristics for a prolonged period (blogs range from a 5-20 minute read)Everybody reads blogs. It's the first very thing you land on every time you need a step-by-step tutorial on how to complete a task. You need to figure out all the different tourist spots in the city you're visiting. You've probably typed a couple of keywords that have led you to this one right here. Their popularity is exactly why your brand should hop on creating a few blogs as soon as possible.Blogs build trust. This is not the 16th century, and information is everywhere. If you don't impart it, your audience will receive it from another source. So why don't you cash on that trust before your competitors do? In a world where people have fleeting attention spans, catching and retaining attention is the need of the hour. It could help your brand get noticed and remembered. So what are you waiting for? Your website is the best space to start your blog. It grabs customers' attention, and if they stop by long enough, they'll also check out your services while they're there.

Trust-IT Boost with your way of words

We hope you've bid most of your copywriting woes adieu, with information straight from professionals. Whether it's to determine your brand voice, understand what you might be missing from your existing content strategy, or slide a few copywriting tricks down your sleeve. Bringing a tad bit of clarity to our readers was the blog's sole aim. If you've decided how you're going to improve your copywriting tasks in-house, great for you. But you've figured you'd instead hand over the cumbersome task to an agency. You know who you can confide in. IT Boost provides copywriting services for your brand copy, white papers, social media copies, creative ads, emails, and infographics. We also help with your Content Marketing by strategizing and helping you repurpose your content. We're an Australia-based agency you can count on.

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